Smooth tube SKID-2 for extra fast refilling of the cassettes with Sametic Foil

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A helper when filling a cassette with foil. Save muscle and fill the foil in the bin effortlessly and quickly with the smooth tube SKID-2.
Skid-2 is a paper tube for fast filling of original cassettes with Sametic Foil for the nappy bins Tommee Tippee®: Nursery Essentials™, Sangenic®Hygiene Plus, Nappy Wrapper, Nappy Wrapper Maxi, Angelcare®: Captiva, Captiva Deluxe, Captiva Comfort, and further: Litter Locker®I, Litter Locker®Il, Litter Locker®Plus, Playtex®nappy Genie, Windeleimer StarPlus®, Vital Baby etc.

1.Open the cassette.
2.Put Skid-2 on the cassette.
3.Pull the end of Sametic Foil on to Skid-2.
4.Pull the needed amount of foil on to Skid-2.
5.Press the foil from Skid-2 down in the cassette.
6.Take off Skid-2 of the cassette.
7.Close the cassette if it allows it.
8.Pull the end of foil out of the cassette and tie there a knot.
9.Pull the knot through the middle of cassette and insert it in the bin.

Info for you
Standard original cassette contains 6,6 - 12,2 m of foil.
For comfortable and quick filling up of the cassettes is recommended to use Skid-2 with 6-12 m Sametic Foil.

Additional Information

EAN 08584174190122
Weight 0.2500
Manufacturer Sametic s.r.o.
Země původu Czech Republic
Bonus No


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