How to refill nappy bin cassette with Sametic Foil

1. How to refill the casette with 6-12 meters of foil in 10 seconds - using product SKID. (recommended procedure)

Znovu naplnění kazety fólií Sametic pomocí produktu Skid.

1. Open the original cartridge for napkin bin.
2. Put the Skid into cartridge.
3. Put the end of the foil on top of the Skid.
4. Put the required foil length on the Skid.
5. Push the foil along Skid in to the cartridge.
6. Take the Skid out of cartridge.
7. Close the cartridge using original cartridge lid.
8. Pull the end of the foil from the cartridge out and tie knot on it's end.
9. Just pass the knot through cartridge and put the cartridge into bin.

2. How to refill the cassette with 3-6 meters of foil in 30 seconds - without product SKID.

Follow the instructions:

 Návod na naplnění kazety fólií



The original cassettes contains foil with length of about 6,6-12.2 m (depends on manufacturer). For the refilling using product SKID we recommend using 6-12 m of the foil Sametic. Without Skid, we recommend to use only 3 meters of foil. That way filling is faster. 

The foil is intended for nappy bins:

  • Tommee Tippee: 
    • Nursery Essentials
    • (Sangenic) Hygiene Plus
    • Nappy Wrapper 
    • Nappy Wrapper Maxi
  • Angelcare:
    • Captiva

and other bins using similar cassettes or films with a similar width. If you are not sure, please contact us.